About Acacia

My great grandfather, Dwight, was a very talented writer and artist - that might have been where I get my love of art and painting.

During my high school years I painted several Old Men - the beginning of my ‘Old Men’ series. Growing up in the Midwest, I was told I was talented, but was discouraged from following my love of painting , “you won’t be able to make a living”, etc.. even though I was accepted into several art schools.

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About Acacia Lawson

 So, I followed a more traditional route, graduated from college and worked in everything from technology to marketing to Human Resources during my eleven years in New York City.

While in NYC I began painting again, after many years of not picking up a brush or having a creative idea - out of this period came the Nude series and the Flowers series. During college and while I was living and working in NYC, I was able to travel - because of this, have developed a love for yoga and food, different cultures and languages. I am an avid reader and enthusiastic believer in exploring all areas of life with the open-mindedness of a 5 year old. 

For the past two years I have lived in Bali, going there for spirituality and yoga and finding so much more! There I was able to expand on the Nude series.  

I am inspired to paint through my intuition and what I find beautiful. There are three areas that I enjoy the most.... Old Men - their bodies and wrinkles tell a story of the human body experience: life and struggle, joy and pain. Flowers - when I see them I see happiness and the possibility of a new chapter in life. Female Nudes - her body is a work of art in itself. To paint a woman’s body is the ultimate devotion and praise for what God has created as well as tapping into the Divine Feminine shadows and light that make up the soul and are expressed through the body. 

For me, art is soul liberation. The act of painting puts me into a meditative state where all thoughts flee except for the present moment of oneness with the Source of all life. The beauty of this life creates in me feelings of serenity and love.  May my art touch you with serenity and love.