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How It All Started (Pt1)

She grew up thinking her dad was a psychopath. One week, he had taken her and her brother out when she turned five, into the woods, and proceeded to teach them how to shoot an assortment of guns… How to clean those guns... The safest way to carry guns over long periods and over rough terrain. The following week, he had taught them the good plants and bad plants to eat in the woods. Then he showed them how to build a fire from nothing, where and how to gather water, what types of animals were the easiest to catch, and how to build traps from trees and scraps. They were taught survival skills that marines knew and how to escape from tight situations. The time became blurry and he quizzed them mercilessly, making sure they understood there were dire consequences if they forgot any of it. Then they were shown movies of the end of the world with a Christian theme. The mark of the beast. The coming of the anti-Christ. The rapture. The apocalypse. The decline of civilization into an Orwellian future. Even the church they went to was showing the same type of movies. Why was everyone else having a normal childhood while she and her brother and she were mini-‘Rambos’? Marching around the woods building huts that could not be seen by the naked eye. Running races through fields and streams to make sure they could feel the burn in their lungs and then to keep going, to know that if they were caught meant certain death. Hotwiring cars, which meant knowing the makes and models of pre-computer chip cars and how to break into them. How to survive in winter with minimal clothing. Where to look for supplies and how to sneak around in the dark. By the time they were ten, they were more like machines trying to blend in with normal school children. Unease followed them everywhere, always expecting that phone call from Dad to tell them to run home, it was time. Athletically, they became unparalleled. They were running for their lives. When she left for college, she was convinced that he was the most insane man she ever knew. All of that time spent training and nothing had happened. She could have been a normal kid instead of seeing the government and evil lurking on every corner. Deciphering the news for the coming of the anti-Christ. Reading between the lines of every politician’s speech looking for the Manchurian Candidate. The tell-tale signs of the end. 11 years into her career, she stopped struggling with the weight of what she had been taught. She moved past the scarred childhood and into a place of power. She was in control of her life. Everything was going great. She was making money and had her own businesses. And then THE VIRUS came. A global pandemic that was going to kill so many people. They shut down everything – the government, schools, businesses, meetings and anything where people could gather freely.

This was the first step to total control. First step to the martial law and beginning of the One World prophecy. Before you could gather in groups again, you had to get the vaccine. But nobody knew what was in the vaccine. If you didn’t get it, they put you into ‘hospital camps’ until you agreed. Or so we thought. A lot of people went missing. They would claim they died from the virus, yet before the camps, the virus had reportedly killed 100,000 people worldwide. Out of 7.8 BILLION people. It had to be a joke. It was a nightmare. People weren’t even forced into house arrest; they went willingly with no questions asked. Two months later they were corralled by the Peace Corps and military, city by city, into camps until they took the vaccine. Most went freely, not caring that their rights had been completely stripped from them. The government would never hurt us, they claimed, we have to make them money. They drank the Kool-Aid, as they had from the beginning, believing the news and the widespread fear and panic. That’s what those in control had hoped for. People just wanting it to go back to normal and doing anything to make that happen. But the new normal was no normal. The vaccine wasn’t for the ‘most deadly virus’ the world had ever seen. No, the vaccine was full of the microchip minibot that would kill you the instant you stepped out of line or thought about doing something that went against their orders. How could the world’s richest man, who was such a nerdy, cool guy who owned all these non-profits and helped save half of Africa, really invent a way to keep track of humans and kill them off when they outlived their slave mentality? After you got the vaccine, you acted more like a zombie. Dazed eyes, no ambition whatsoever, “yes sir” and “no ma’am”. Everyone was on autopilot. You came back less of a human and more of a robot. Citizens in every country were given money in the form of cryptocurrency so they could survive, all dependent on the government and big business. There was no way to fight it. Even the military personnel knew they were outnumbered. The one million satellites launched into space for 5G – so we’d be better connected to the internet and ready to travel to Mars! – could fry you in one second from the inside out and keep track of your every move. If you didn’t die from satellite radiation at a normal age, the vaccine was the second choice. This was decades of unspoken torment come to life for her. She could see the writing on the wall. This was what Dad had trained them for. She was thirty-five now. There would be no coming back from this one, humans were now targets. Humans without the vaccine were marked deadly and shoot to kill orders were put out along with their pictures. She knew her brother had the backpacks ready. The beans and seeds, the water filtration bottles, the aluminium foil, the matches and lighters, the fishing hooks and guns, the crossbows, and extra clothing. She only had to drive five hours on backroads to meet him at the spot. The place they wouldn’t look for people without the vaccine. The morgue. To be continued…