It’s okay

I am as guilty as anyone else of getting caught up with all of the things I should be doing instead of enjoying the moment.

I put a hard deadline on myself for publishing my book by October 1 (which is not going to happen) and also I have 2 major life changes happening at the same time right now.

And last week I cracked.

I couldn’t take the pressure I had placed on myself and I broke down crying multiple times – despite the yoga, despite the prayers, despite the meditation and walks.

And all I heard from my guides was “Calm down. Everything is right on time. We have you. Enjoy your time right now because you will never be at this particular moment again.

You will look back in 6 months and say wow!” 

So if anyone else needs to hear it also.

It’s okay. 

It’s okay to not do one million things at the same time because that’s what you used to do.

That’s how you used to function and be known as superwoman/man.

It’s okay to focus all of your energy on 1 thing at a time and make it phenomenal. And have fun doing it – to truly enjoy it and put your whole heart into it. 

We don’t need to have it all together and remain calm nonstop. We are human. We have ups and downs. We laugh and cry. We need hugs and to vent.

So less pressure on yourself. More love and gentleness with your goals and your journey towards those goals.

Because everything is right on time. 

You are taking the actions.

You are doing your inner work.

But you are also living, loving and being. 

– Acacia