Keep Expanding 

Don’t let your ego (brain, human) convince you that you are more knowledgeable, spiritual or higher vibe than everyone else. 

That everyone should listen to you or learn from you.

Yes, many of us know and have experienced a lot and that’s why we are where we are, helping others to go back to their souls and their truth.

But there is always more to uncover, more to learn, more to love, more talents in ourselves to discover.

Don’t limit what you learn, or how you grow, or where a path might take you – just because you think you know it all already.

Listen to the old guy telling you about his story, the old woman next door that doesn’t have anyone else to talk to, the child with huge eyes telling you their crazy secret or about their visits with the fairies.

There is only one person limiting your expansion. You.

Be open to the possibility of learning more. 

YOU are worth it.

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