Not understanding your worth

a.k.a. downplaying your value.

When I first started coaching people, I thought I didn’t deserve the money that I asked for my time. 

(Even when I was making 6 figures in corporate America, I didn’t think I deserved it deep down. I downplayed who I was and what I was capable of.)

But coaching wasn’t just my time; it was also the accumulation of my ongoing knowledge and learning, my intuitive gifts, my psychic abilities and my healing powers all used to guide another person.

But I didn’t understand my worth. 

So I charged way below what I gave to people.

Then I hired my own coach and she said to charge triple what I thought I deserved.

So I did that for a while and I felt guilty because it was too much. I knew in my heart it was too much.

And being raised with a strict Christian upbringing, I was taught money is the root of all evil and Jesus was poor. 

Yet Jesus had a rich uncle that bankrolled his worldwide travels and learning, as well as a community of highly educated energy healers behind him. 

And money is just a form of energetic exchange. Neither good nor bad.

I had to release these deep beliefs of remaining poor to help people through their issues while also not becoming greedy -> in order to fulfill my purpose and live in this world.

I valued myself enough to know that I could have travel, nice clothes, etc. without hurting others.

That I could connect my purpose back to source. 

Every dollar I earn, I give gratitude to god. Every dollar I spend, I give gratitude to god. 

My value and what I earn is not for others to tell me what they think it is or some belief that only poor gurus have transcended this earth (materialism) into enlightenment.

We are “to be in the world but not of it” – not to hoard or believe in scarcity. Not to fear money or only live for it. 

But also not to deny that we can have nice things and still be generous, still help people and love ourselves. 

This is not a choice between either or. Either you help people or you have money. You can do both.

Your worth, your value, is not dependent upon what you make or own or buy.

It is reflected in your reality – what you create, how you react, how you help yourself and others, and how you connect yourself with god (source). 

You know who you are and what you are capable of. 

Now stand in your power.—If you are an entrepreneur, a coach, a healer, or just starting your online business, it is important to know your value and to know what to charge people. 

The energetics of this is daunting sometimes and people love to ask for “free things” to test you out. This energy exchange allows the other person to estimate your value and decide to work with you or not. 

If you are giving away your time, energy and efforts for free, or continuously asking for free things, this is reflected in your business. 

Check out my short video about this here:

Sometimes, we need help clearing the old energy of low self worth and other outdated beliefs in order to grow our business. Sometimes, we need the guidance of someone that has done it. 

There is a level of empowerment and worth when we invest in ourselves. That investment can never be taken away or lost.

You are worth it. 

It’s time to invest in YOU.