Passive Aggressiveness = Unhealed Trauma

Please heal your trauma so you don’t pass it on to your kids and to others around you.

Being sensitive (empath, intuitive, whatever you call it), I protect myself from other people’s energy before I leave my house and when I come home – a habit I’ve had for years.

I pick up on every energy and cycle. I can sense when someone is holding deep unresolved pain.

The largest amount of passive aggressive behavior I had witnessed was when I lived in NYC and it generally came from people that I called friends.

When I chose to heal my trauma in Bali and not return back to live in NYC, I no longer resonated with these friends. I held compassion for them as I knew what the passive aggressiveness stemmed from (trauma).

But I could not be around them and I chose to remove myself.

Flash forward to living in Glasgow and understanding the culture here, and witnessing high levels of passive aggression.

Coming from people that don’t understand the way my husband and I choose to live. To not be embroiled in their trauma drama. To instead look at life as full of love, wonder and joy.

Because we have done the deep healing trauma work. We continue to do the work as we level up.

Which means not accepting passive aggressive behavior hidden behind false smiles. Fake niceties for no other reason than keeping the peace.

When you continue on your mission and stand in your integrity, it is not always easy. It is not a path many choose. It means you have a very, very small circle of friends and family.

And it also means that you will continue to trigger people. They might not understand why you trigger them, but your very existence and even your smile and light heartedness makes them seethe.

They think that you have never been through what they have and don’t take the time to learn your story. They simply judge and release their frustration onto you (or try to).

And you, as a person who has empathy and compassion, as a person who prays for peace and unconditional love for everyone – you hold your energetic vibration.

You hold your integrity and your boundaries.

You release any hurt or disbelief that arises in your human body from their actions and energy, and transmute it to love. You know that you signed up to awaken others here (soul contracts) and that you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

You will not be loved and liked by everyone.

You remain at peace. You are a living example of love and how to live in happiness and joy – to truly live in gratitude and faith.

Day after day, month after month, year after year.

You know that the only change that you are responsible for is the internal change – the change within you. Only your internal change, healing and growth can help the world.

So you continue to do the work, you continue to pray and send love, and you continue on your mission.

Keep going. I love you 

If you are feeling negative energies directed at you, you can say out loud the following:

“I do not consent to trauma drama/toxicity/passive aggressive behavior/etc. coming from this person. I do not consent to any entity attachments from them or anywhere else. I do not consent to any negativity or any entity attachments. I protect my energy and place a protective globe around my light body. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.”

You will feel lighter (less sluggish or drained) immediately.

If you have an Archangel or Angel, Ancestor or Spirit Guide that you usually talk to, you can ask them to protect you as well. The above protection prayer can be asked for in the morning to guard your energy, anytime throughout the day when you feel attacked (energy lowers or you feel tired, an area on your body might come randomly into pain), and for pulling your energy back at night before you sleep.

Don’t forget, this is spiritual warfare and you need to protect your energy. Your mission is important and you deserve to have all the assistance you require.

Your energy is sacred.

For more information about creating your life and keeping your vibration high, check out this video: