Welcome to my circle

(My blog, my energy and my life)!

My name is Acacia and I’m from Kansas, USA. I went to school in Texas, lived in NYC for 11 years and then Bali for almost 2. I’m currently in Scotland with my fiancé and loving it ?

Right now, I am editing and doing all things book launch related for my first book, “My Past Lives and How They Came Back to Haunt Me”. This was written stream of consciousness after past life regressions and visions, and I follow my intuition in every aspect of this book process.

I also paint oil paintings in 3 different areas: nudes, old men and flowers. Hoping to start a new collection after my book launch.

I’ve retired myself from coaching people with  trauma, relationship/job changes, mindset resets, reconnecting their body with their soul, and healing their inner masculine/feminine and relationship with god/creator/source. I still have a few clients but my main focus is on my art. 

I’m also a yoga instructor, energy healer/mover and nutritionist/healthy living teacher.
My focus (my energy) is on creating the life I came here to live – a life that I love and that is in service to the greater good.

I used to live in fear and with severe depression and anxiety. I resented men and I worked a “normal” job making 6 figures. I had panic attacks, sleep issues and horrible relationships. I was ungrateful of my accomplishments, always wondered if life was hard and pointless, embroiled in politics and grassroots campaigns -> anything to not focus on myself and the inner work I needed to do.

Since then (3 years ago), I’ve hired 3 coaches and 2 very trusted energy healers, 1 earth angel, 1 astrologer, and moved 6 different countries because I was called to.

I’ve come to trust my intuition and god completely. I move in grace, joy, love and compassion. I healed myself of anxiety and depression. I healed my trauma and inner masculine.

I trust and have faith.

It took a lot of hard work and focus to get to where I am today. I cut people out of my life that were leeching my energy. I left situations that were dragging me down. I put myself first – for the first time in my life. 
And now I can say that I’m on my path. I’m doing it. I’m creating every experience I have. Every joyful and loving moment.

That’s not to say there aren’t curveballs – there are – but I don’t collapse and get defensive or negative or think the world is ending. I look at it, feel whatever comes up and say “not today, devil”. 

So welcome to my community, to my page, to my art and life. Stay around, get comfy, comment or message me with any questions. 

I love getting to know people and it’s important to connect. Human connection is special. 
I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t forget -> you are loved and protected. 
You are here for a reason. You are love.