What if? 

What if your soul chose all of this?

What if you said yes to god’s plan to be here on earth at this time to make it into a loving, beautiful, soul inspired and compassionate planet?

What if you signed up to have the parents you were born to? The family trauma drama? The location of your birth and the color of your skin? The tribulations and healing you would choose to go through in this lifetime?

What if this has all been your choice? You said yes in the spirit realm and came here to do your mission.

Your free will has led you to this point in your life.

Look around you. Look inside of you.

Have you learned from your past? Or are you repeating lessons and cycles?

Have you healed your bloodline? Have you healed yourself? 

You are being asked to rise up right now. To take the battle scars that you have earned in this life, and past lives, and to help others. To light the way as we move forward into a future for everyone. 

A future of truth, of god (source), of love, of what the earth was really created for. 

It’s been hidden for too long. 

But it’s also been inside of you all along. 

And now it’s asking you to wake up. To remember. 

This is what you came here for. 

Your soul is screaming, “At last! It is time!”

Because it is true; it is time. 

Rise up. 

If you question why you are here or what you are doing with your life, now is the time to seek the truth. 

We are living in an age of advanced knowledge of self – so much more introspection and reflection, searching and internal healing than in previous centuries. 

Understanding that we are not lost, that we chose to come here and that we also have specific gifts and inherent knowledge to help us (and others) -> that helps us focus, heal and move forward.

We are here to be happy, free, loving and kind. 

We are here to evolve.

There is not one way to learn, one way to heal, one way to see the world. 

But there is a more loving way to look at it, a more free way to move around in it, a more truthful way to live on earth. 

And that is by waking up and remembering.

Unplugging from the false reality and creating the new reality. The new loving earth.

We are remembering why we came here and what our mission is. 

We are remembering our ancient medicines and energetic healings. 

We are remembering that we are love.

Check out a post I made about this here. (https://www.facebook.com/acacia.lawson.3/posts/605866210717822)