What is sacred union (hieros gamos)?

Sacred union on earth does exist.

Your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental desires can be met.

Kings do walk this earth, doing battle. Going unrecognized or misunderstood. Fulfilling their missions and building legacies.

Queens are amongst us, living their truth despite the naysayers. Healing and softening, creating work from their souls and nurturing themselves and their closest people.

Ladies, as you heal the divine masculine wounds within you and learn to trust and respect him, you allow more love inside you and create more space for divine love to flow.

Gentlemen, as you heal your divine feminine wounding and learn to trust and protect her, you allow your heart and body to connect, creating a deeper space for love and growth.

This intentional work allows your true divine partner to show up in the physical realm. 

If that is your soul’s desire and journey. 

If you truly want a king or a queen.

If you really want a sacred union anointed by god / hieros gamos.

If you’re ready to stop settling.

P.S. I love my king and am grateful he is a part of my journey as I am a part of his

We both did a lot of hard work on ourselves before we met and we continue working on ourselves. For the good of ourselves, our relationship and the collective.

– Acacia