What Is Your Truth.

Unless you are willing to unlearn everything you think you “know”, you will never be free to stand in your truth.

You are here to take your rightful place (next to god) and stand in the power of your truth.

But only you can take the steps to do that. 

Only you can ask for help and guidance, for your part to be revealed, for the grace to walk and act out of love.

If you are unwilling to part ways with your past – your learned ways that have damaged your soul and your connection to sin (not living in your truth and what your soul came here to do) – then your life will stay the same. 

You will repeat the same cycles over and over again. The same jobs, relationships, fears, traumas. 

How willing are you to examine everything that has gotten you to this point in your life and say “it’s time to try something new”?