Your Words

When you speak out loud, you cast a spell with your words (spell – ing).

This can be either positive or negative but every word creates something. Every word holds energy. 

Thus, you must evaluate how you speak. What words are you using? What thoughts are creating these words?

How are you speaking about yourself (even as a joke) and about others?

Is it positive or negative?

Are you creating more good, love and truth in the world or upholding outdated beliefs of judgment, hate and fear? 

Do you judge yourself critically, or do you speak lovingly to yourself? 

Are you saying “That today is going to be your best day!” or do you wake up stating, “Ugh another day, I am so not looking forward to it.”? 

Your words and your thoughts are reflected in your outer world. What you speak into existence is what happens. 

It takes time and effort to re-train and rewire your brain to speak lovingly and nicely, but the rewards for taking this time and effort are exponential. 

We are in an accelerated timeline and our words create physically what is in our minds.

Try to speak from your heart 

That is the world we want to create together.

Much love to you and yours.