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'What’s your creative outlet? How do you let your soul out? It is essential for you to give voice to your soul by allowing your creative side to come out and play. Make time for it. Revel in the moment of creating. This is where the liberation of staying present is witnessed.'

Acacia Lawson

Acacia Lawson

Art as an Expression

For me, art is soul transformation. The act of painting puts me into a meditative state where all thoughts flee except for the present moment of oneness with the source of all life and the beauty of that pulsating feeling of serenity and love.

Schlomo the Rabbi by Acacia Lawson
Old Men

I paint Old Men because their bodies and wrinkles tell a story of the human body experience: life and struggle, joy and pain.

Distracted Spring by Acacia Lawson

When I see flowers I see happiness and the possibility of a new chapter in life.

Cecilia Nude by Acacia Lawson
Female Nudes

A woman's body is a work of art in itself.

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Currently assisting New Earth leaders in writing, editing and publishing their books for newly awakened souls on the spiritual path and spearheading ‘The Book Finishers’ online groups.

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