Are you consciously creating your life?

Conscious creation. 

Either you choose it or you choose to deny that you have the power to do it.

You can have joy and love and feel all of it. 

Or you can reject it. 

Your choice as a human is YOUR choice.

You can create your life or you can let your subconscious create it. 

Life is fun and happy and you really live (love, rejoice, cry, experience, feel every emotion); or it is painful, monotonous, and you are simply waiting to die. 

Your thoughts are focused on all of the possibility and the positive. 

Or you are focused on the “impossible”, “the real world”, and the negative. 

Your negative cycles keep reappearing, old situations and beliefs recycle in your life, and toxic relationships consistently happen. 

Or your gifts are revealed and you start living your truth; freedom, love and joy. Following your soul, your intuition, and using your gifts.

You came here to live fully, not to eek your way until death, the miserly existence of the next day, week, year, party, drink, relationship or drug. 

What are you choosing?

What are you creating?

You get to decide.

– Acacia

p.s. Check out more on creating your life by becoming your true self in my video (Being your true authentic self 
There’s more to life than being miserable. There’s a vast world of possibility waiting for you to decide it’s your time. Now.