Divine Unions – Tests of Honor and Leadership

The sacred union mission is not always an easy one.

We feel that it should be easier – as true divine love feels joyous, free and light. But this planet is in the grips of dense programs, and there are many old programs to dismantle.

Thus, the opportunities arise that test your divine union (inner and/or outer).

You (and your divine partner) will be asked to show your dedication to the power of this divine love template.

You will be asked to surrender time and time again to the divine plan, to the highest good, to blind faith.

And this is not comfortable. This is sometimes jarring and painful, and goes against the human ego’s needs and desires.

But what you allow persists. So if you aren’t diligent with discerning who and what is in your highest good, you will experience more of the same (lessons, emotions, etc.).

For example, if you have a friend of 20+ years, or an older sister, and every time you speak with them they are negative, they gossip and/or they try to pull you down (into their energy, into their drama, into proving yourself…), you are asked to release them.

Your old programming of false loyalty will tell you to keep this ‘misery loves company’ relationship going. But your soul knows you need to make room for a more aligned friendship/kinship.

And the choice is always yours. You can choose to be around people, objects and places that drain your energy and make you feel bad, make you grovel or are conditional in their love or kindness (they only will show love/acceptance when you tow the line to their way of thinking or being). Or you can say, “That is enough of that. I choose what is for my highest good. I choose unconditional love.

I choose to be surrounded by people, places and things that show respect, honor and compassion. I choose my soul and aligning with my soul mission above all else.” Surrendering people, places, things – it is not easy and many emotions can accompany that letting go.

We have been programmed from an early age that we must act a certain way. We must hold onto objects because great-grandma’s uncle’s wife made it. We must put up with the disrespect, jealousy, gossip and animosity of our family, friends, coworkers, townspeople, etc. -> because ‘that’s just the way it is’.

Well that’s not the way it is.

But what you allow persists.

If you allow disrespect, dishonor, envy, etc., that is what you will receive.If you hold firm to your boundaries – your self love, self respect and honoring your soul -> you surrender what is no longer serving your highest good.

Because you know that there is nothing that can stop your mission.

There is nothing that can create a wedge in your divine union; nothing that can drive you apart from your divine partner.

And you will do everything that is required. You will take the actions needed, no matter how painful for your ego or off-putting. Avoidance and denial are not the way. Because you are a Divine Feminine and a Divine Masculine.

You are creating the New Earth. You have the power and the divine love. And only you can be a living example of the truth, love and respect that is a requirement of the New Earth.

Only you can lead the way.For the highest good of yourself. For the highest good of humans. For the highest good of all.

I write this because I have done this, and I continue to do this.

I have evaluated every relationship, every object and the places I reside and visit. I use my discernment and my intuition to let go of anything not in my highest good. I don’t let anyone into my energy that is not aligned. I learned this the hard way. I become physically ill if I am out of alignment on this. I don’t buy any material object that doesn’t give me joy. I don’t visit new places that I’m not drawn to.

“I release any person, place or thing that is not in alignment to my highest good. I let go of any attachments and align to my highest self and my mission. And so it is.”

I like to put it this way – consider your energy (your body/soul) or your divine union as a new born baby. Who do you want around your new baby? Would you leave your new baby alone with that person for a week (to be indoctrinated with their beliefs)?

Would you allow your new baby to eat what they eat, watch what they watch, live how they live, think like they think?

If the answer is no, then you have your answer. Stop pretending you can be friends with everyone.

Stop pretending every material object has good energy. Stop pretending the location you are in is serving your highest purpose. Start asking your highest self direct, clear questions – and wait for the answer. Then take action. Because words are words.Action is what is required right now.

For more information on actions and choices, check out my video here: https://youtu.be/_EiSLVV2BPw.

The post Divine Unions – Tests of Honor and Leadership appeared first on byAcacia.

The post Divine Unions – Tests of Honor and Leadership appeared first on byAcacia.