Guilt and shame stop you from being who you came here to be.

They are the easiest ways to control people and break their spirit. They are low level forms of psychological warfare and manipulation.

You are not here to save everyone. You are not here to be saved.
You are here to be free and to love. 

Some souls chose to be here as teachers, some as healers of their lineage, some as grid workers, some as a wake up call for others. Some as all of that.

Not everyone can escape guilt and shame -> especially when religions, families and societies use it to control and manipulate on a daily basis.

Sometimes, the guilt and shame is from a past life or past incident that festers until it is unbearable and takes seasoned help to get rid of. 

The first step to understanding them is to see if you use them on others or on yourself. 

Is your harsh inner critic controlling you via guilt or shame? For example: “You can’t do that because what will people say” or “you should stay in this negative situation because you brought it upon yourself”. Or “why did you do that, what is wrong with you?”

Are you then using this on others? “Oh you shouldn’t do that because it’s bad or others might think this…” 
If you are using these, how can you love yourself and do better? How can you become the person you want to be?

If others are using guilt and shame on you, you must learn to distance yourself in order to free yourself. Stop allowing this in your life.

It’s time for these negative ways to be cleared – cleared from you and thus, the collective.
That programming has been running long enough.

Guilt and shame are no longer acceptable. 

It’s time for love and kindness to reign. 

The first step is healing ourselves. 

You’ve got this  ? but don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.

We are building the new earth together. 


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