Pay attention to how you speak about yourself.

Do you say things like “I am stupid or fat or old” or “I can’t do it” or “I have a bad heart, it runs in the family” or “I can’t have a good relationship because bad ones are in my genes” or “I’m single because I don’t need anybody and I’m a badass”? 

Comments such as these train your body/mind that this is what you are.

If you can say to yourself “I am beautiful or young or intelligent” or “I am fit and healthy” or “I break the generational curses and my body is healthy” or “I am open for a loving, god sourced relationship” for a minimum of 14 days straight, watch what happens.

Your body will respond to your words (your commands). 

Your love for yourself will grow because you are giving yourself more love. Thus, you will show others more love than you already do.

When we love ourselves – with our actions and words, thoughts and feelings – we change the world.

And this starts with being aware of how you talk to or about yourself, how you talk about others, and taking the small steps to create the new earth as a loving place.

As within, so without.

Love you all!Acacia