The Speed and Depth of Divine Unions

When Stephen and I came into Divine Union, we had never met in person.

We met on LinkedIn.

He knew immediately (before we had even spoken).

I was scared because of my past dealings with the masculine (rejection, abandonment, etc.) from previous relationships.

But here we were, having discussions for 3 hours a night. Texting randomly throughout the day. A morning wake up call just to say, “Have a beautiful day. I love you.”

And my heart continued expanding in response to his energy, to his integrity, to him.


Within 3 months of us coming into union, I came to Scotland to see him in person for the first time.

I had the ability to work from anywhere and get up and move.

I was coming from Vienna after stints in Slovakia, Rome and the USA. After living for 2 years in Bali.

Stephen and I already knew that I would not be leaving Scotland. We had already discussed marriage, our missions and our future.

He proposed on our vacation in Crete 4 months after my arrival.

With divine timing behind us, we were married 4 months later -> 8 months after I had landed.


Divine Unions are coming online now.

They are happening quickly and magically, and I am so happy to witness this ❤

Our unions look “crazy” to people in lower vibrations. They’re too fast, or not enough knowing of each other, etc.

Yet we know, deep down, we know.

We did the healing work, we aligned ourselves to our missions and we came into Divine Union.

For the highest good of us, for the highest good of all.

We are anchoring in Divine Love on this planet. We are beaming out this energy everywhere we go and to everyone we talk to.

Your Divine Union is one of your missions.



If you feel the need to align to your outer Divine Union, or desire help in this area, reach out to me for more information.

I offer 1×1 sessions in Divine Union Alignment.

It does not take years to meet the right person. It is in your soul blueprint – if this is your mission. Most people on earth at this time have the Divine Union mission template within their soul DNA.

Please check out my Facebook page for more information on Divine Unions.

And as always, listen to your intuition, your heart, your gut, and follow the directions you are guided to take. Asking for help and guidance is not always easy, but it can smooth your path and give you motivation to know that you are not alone on this journey.

Hieros Gamos (Divine Union) is one of the most important missions we can say yes to. It allows earth to vibrate on a higher frequency and helps others heal – simply by being around Divine Union energy.

We are here to grow, heal and love.

Are you ready?


Here is a quick interview about my work and what I do:

You have all of the power within you to create the life you desire.

Remember who you are. 

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