There can be only One

There can be only ONE. One you, that is. 

Don’t forget how powerful you are. 

Don’t forget that you are creating your reality. 

Don’t forget that you can heal yourself of anything. Any illness, any emotional wound, any past life pains; anything.

Stop searching outside of yourself and look within. 

You are here, right now, at this time on earth, because you chose to light a path for people. 

Your soul literally chose this life before you were even born; chose this body you are in, chose the parents you were born to, chose the location of your birth, chose all of the options you have available to you.

But with this knowledge also comes the understanding that you get to choose in this lifetime.

Right here, right now.

You get to choose the path you take; the mindset you use; the people you surround yourself with.

You get to choose the relationships you are in, the work you do, the place you live.

You get to choose to use your gifts for the highest good of all. Or not. 

You get to choose to deny and ignore who you really are. Or not. 

Whatever you decide, whatever path you take -> this is your choice.

This is all your free will. Your responsibility. 

Nobody else can make your decisions or live your life for you.

Nobody else can force you to do anything.

You make every single choice.

So decide. 

“What life am I creating for myself? Is this who I want to be? Are these my true dreams and gifts? I’m ready to do what I came here to do. I’m ready to do whatever it takes, no matter what, to fulfill my mission. For my highest good and for the highest good of all.”


“I’m staying stuck because it’s comfortable. I’m doing what others think I should. I’m miserable and know something is missing. But, oh well, what can I do?”

And simply know that when you look back in many, many years and say “I chose this path and I did everything I could to be myself and live my life”, that this has all been your choice. 


– Acacia

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There is no time like the present to change your mindset, change your internal way, and change your life. 

But the choice is yours.

I am only here to guide and support, as this is one of my missions. 

What is your mission?

Do you know?

You can start to know by sitting in a quiet place, breathing slowly for a few deep breaths – in and out of your nose, and placing your hand on your heart. 

Then, after you can feel your heart beating in your hand and your breath is calm, ask yourself (either out loud or in your head), “What did I come here to do?”

And your higher self, your intuition, your guidance system will answer you. It might be a tiny voice, or a feeling, or a vision or a loud voice. But it will tell you. 

After it tells you what your mission is, it is up to you to take actions to fulfill that mission. 

Always trust your higher self (by connecting with your heart and breath). Reach out if you need help or guidance. 

Your new journey is just beginning