What does “taking back your power” mean?

“Take back your power.”

I see this a lot. 

But what does it mean?

Stop judging. Stop telling people what to do or what they should do. Stop getting in other people’s lives and business.

Start focusing on yourself. What are you eating? Is it nourishing your body and brain? What are you drinking? What are you doing for your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health? How are you healing yourself and getting rid of limiting beliefs, programs and drama (trauma)?

Stop watching tv (mind control/programming) and thinking others know what’s best for you. 

Start listening to your inner guidance (intuition, soul, god) and following that ONLY.

Fear, insecurity, addictions, judgments – those are not of god. Those are not taking your power back. That’s giving your power away to people and taking no responsibility for handing it to them.

You are an adult. You are responsible for every single thing that you do, that you create, that you think, that you respond with. 


Either you take your power back or you give it away. Either you strengthen yourself or someone/thing feeds off your energy (power). 

Every person or situation you allow into your life can give you energy, drain your energy, or be neutral. Only you get to decide what you allow. 

Nobody else can take your power back for you.  You have to decide that you want your power, that it is yours and yours alone, and that you are ready for your full power to return to you.

The time is now.

Rise up and claim your power.


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