How To Start Writing

Writing can seem overwhelming…

But we all have our own voice and our own perspective. The call within your soul to write will get louder and louder until, finally, you do it!

Here are a few tips to start on your writing journey – whether that be for your first book, your first blog, journaling, or social media – there is no wrong way for you to get started writing!

We all start somewhere and I’m proud of you for listening to your soul and taking the first step! 

Step 1: Set yourself up!

Create a space for you to connect with your soul (your heart, your true self). This can look like a workspace or a study or a meditation space. You can have candles lit or crystals around, inspirational posters or pictures, quotes printed out, whatever you feel to have in your space to motivate you as a WRITER!

Then something practical: How are you going to write your first piece of writing? Pen and paper, typing on a computer, voice recording to a transcribing app, etc. Do what suits you and remember, it can always change if you feel you want to try something new!

Bring your favored writing tool into this space to prepare for writing.

Step 2: Create a ritual

This is important. We, as humans, are ritualistic creatures. We love feeling that we are doing something that is not only good for us, but it is helping us grow. That’s why it’s important to take time to create a ritual before you start to write. 

This can look like doing a meditation, deep breathing into your belly, yoga, working out, going for a walk -> and then coming into your space and lighting candles, saying a prayer to the Divine (or the Fairies) or whoever you want to assist you in your writing on that day, singing a specific song to motivate you, listening to hertz music…whatever you choose to do!

The ritual is for you to become calm and focused. It will evolve as you do. 

Step 3: Focus and Discipline

Be disciplined enough to say to yourself, “I am going to write for 2 hours this week!” and then block that time out on your calendar/schedule/diary. If you’re wanting to write your first book, you will need to commit to more time such as 4-8 hours per week. If it is a blog, post or journaling, 2 hours is perfect.

Now decide what you are going to write about. Ask for guidance and clarity. 

Go back to your ritual and the feeling you get from it (the relaxation and calmness). Listen to your quiet inner voice. Ask “What should I write about today?” Hear the answer and start writing! (Please see my higher self meditation at the end of this pdf.)

Let it flow from you! There is no need to judge what you write, definitely don’t edit as you write (slows the momentum/energy flow), or speak to yourself by saying anything harsh. 

ALLOW yourself to write and be heard by this piece of paper, computer document or voice note. Get it all out. It doesn’t matter what your first bit of writing is about – be proud of yourself that you have written something!

Step 4: Writing Prompts

Here are some writing prompts if you feel stuck. These can help you get your voice and flow going.

  1. I feel sad about…How can I let this out of my body and start healing?
  2. When I was a child, I did not feel loved or valued. I have made sure that my own children feel very loved and valued. How can I tell my inner child of 7 years old that she/he is loved and valued?
  3. I want to create my dream life! What exactly do I want in 1 year? What does that look like, taste like, smell like, feel like? What am I wearing, doing or saying? Write 1 scene of your future life 1 year from now. Use your imagination to its fullest!
  4. I would like to motivate people to move forward in their lives like I have. I am going to write about how I changed my life from 5 years ago to now. I will start with a prologue of 1-2 pages and then continue from there. To begin my prologue, I will choose to write about a startling event/diagnosis/breakdown/breakup/or something the readers can connect with as we all have had life changing moments (usually from chaos or hurt).
  5. I desire to create a fictional realm with 4 characters that is for young adults. What kind of planet/realm is it? What type of characters (bad, good, apathetic)? What is the message of this book? Is it a series? Etc.
  6. If you’re writing a first draft of a book, create an outline (of chapter titles and a one sentence synopsis). You don’t have to stick strictly to the outline, but it’s there if you feel stuck and can help spur you into action (writing)!

Step 5: Just Keep Writing!

If you ever doubt why you are writing or if people will read it or blah blah blah – remember that your voice is needed. You are needed – to be writing, to be as healed as possible, to be using your voice, etc., so that others can see that it is possible to create the life you desire and be healthy and loving! 

Don’t forget that the ego will convince you to stop writing or that nobody will read it, etc. It is there to keep you protected (as it did in your child- and adulthood) and does not mean you need to listen to it. 

You get to create what you wish to create! You have the power! It’s all inside of you!

So write! 

And let us get to know you, hear you, see you and congratulate you!

You are a magnificent being and you are worthy of writing and expressing yourself!

I am excited to see what you create – in co-creation with source (the universe, god…)! You’ve got this 🙂

Many blessings on your writing journey,


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Higher Self Meditation 

To assist your guidance process from your higher self, please see my higher self meditation video:

* Try it 3-4 times per week when you have peace and quiet, laying down or sitting in lotus (or semi-lotus) position. Have a higher self journal for any questions you might have for your higher self (to write down your questions to them, and their answers back to you). 

Your higher self is the way to self-sovereignty and will guide you on your path – for writing or for life, ask your higher self for the answers.