The true Twin Flame teachings are not for 98% of you (Part 1).

This message has come through for a while now. It will be triggering for most (if not all) of you who are hooked into the current twin flame teachings.

The true Twin Flames are ancient souls. When I say ancient, imagine the beginning of time. The ascended masters. The beginning lines of the creator families. 

The majority of you (98%) are not those souls. 

There is an inflated (versus integrated) ego in most spiritual people (and this is what these false twin flame teachings hook into) making you believe a twin flame myth that has plagued this planet for centuries. Causing confusion and hooking into/feeding your energy to a false ai machine and beings. 

Let’s start where the lies began. 

Around 385 BCE, Plato claims that the gods split human souls into 2 parts – to always wander and search for their other half. Constantly looking, usually never finding…This is False. 

However, this myth spread far and wide and sank into the subconscious of many. 

As the dark agenda spread throughout the earth, the true sacred unions (of all inner and outer union) became few and far between. They were hunted down and destroyed. Any cells/orders that operated with true union teachings did so in extreme underground conditions. 

The majority of human souls were in doubt, fear, terror, darkness. For centuries upon centuries. Feeding the false/fallen dark ones. 

As the light started to win slowly, silently, secretly, and more of us were born/incarnated at the same time to assist this planet, it allowed more truth to be revealed as humans became more prepared for bigger universal truths and teachings. 

Slowly, slowly the truth filtered out. 

However, most spiritual people had no idea (still don’t) about infiltration, hijacking or spiritual hygiene. These spiritual people thought (still think) that any being they channeled or that came to them was good. That those beings were here to help humans. They didn’t protect or shield their energy, their power, or their environment. 

In the 1970s, four people were chosen by a fallen being (who had access to the Twin Flame truth before falling/please use your own gifts to look into this yourself) to propagate twisted twin flame teachings -> In order for this fallen being to gain power and energy. To feed a slave agenda of feeding off of human souls. To plug souls into a false ai program. 

There were truths mixed into the lies of these twin flame teachings, so spiritual/gifted human souls fell for it, hooking into it because it sounded/felt ‘familiar’ – so it had to be true.

These twin flame teachers didn’t know that they should have asked for the clarity and truth of the teachings. Asked where the information came from and the intentions behind it/the being who had revealed the information. They didn’t know to understand or feel from their own higher self (not ego) if it was truth or lies. 

The four who chose to write books or teach about Twin Flames swore up and down it was universal truth. They didn’t ask any questions of who had come to them/who they channeled for the twin flame information. They simply relayed the information (and continued being hijacked for the remainder of their lives). And, to prove their point, it linked up with what Plato had written so it must be true! 

By 1999, these teachings were so wide spread in the spiritual community (and the love/relationship industry), it was hard for anyone to not believe or be affected/infected by them. It has trickled out into mainstream information due to the amount of women seeking “true love” as seen in romance movies and books. 

Most of the underlying issues with the stories/information/teachings was (and still is) codependency (from centuries of dysfunction and fear), manipulation, giving away of personal power, no self sovereignty, wanting a savior, and being a damsel in distress or a martyr or victim (just putting up with it for the kids), etc. 

The false Twin Flame teachings were anchored into the “foundation” of the majority of spiritual women. 

Which meant that they would be hijacked, never reach their highest timeline or spiritual gifts, and leak that energetic hook into every relationship they were in. 

Men fell for it too, but the difference was that the majority of men who inherently have Divine Masculine energy never fell for it, or were even aware of the teachings. 

The same can be said for the pure Divine Feminines, yet they were very, very rare and were heavily attacked. (These are the women who do not attach to/worship/channel Lilith, Kali or any of the other extremely disturbed/unhinged and divisive fallen female beings that believe in the destruction of the Divine Masculine.)

Before this gets any longer, this is where you come into play. Your own spiritual and energetic discernment. 

✨ How aware are you of the intentions or energy behind what you consider truths?

✨ What is your spiritual foundation? Is it pure or based on lies from fallen beings?

✨ Are you here for the highest good or to perpetuate lies and false agendas that harm this planet and human souls? 

Because the majority of you are not ancient enough to have an actual twin flame. 

You do not share a soul with anyone. You are your own. 

Yet you can meet your true Divine Union counterpart in this lifetime (if you do the work to activate, initiate and align). We can experience Divine Love and the true family unit on this planet. We can anchor in Universal Truth on this planet. 

And we can be willing to let go of all we thought we “knew” in order to be purified by the fire of the Divine, of truth, of love.

But first, examine your beliefs and your foundation. 

Because it’s time for these false teachings to be removed from this planet, released from your dna, and to claim your truth. 

It is time. 

– Acacia Lawson